Environmental Policy at Maitland & Port Stephens Toyota

Environmental Policy

As a leading Toyota Dealership in NSW we recognise our impact on the environment and the role we play in the community to promote environmental thinking and encourage sustainable actions.

Environmental management is becoming an increasingly significant aspect of business development in Australia and across the world. We are being urged to think about and assess our actions that may impact negatively on the environment.

Our involvement in the Toyota Environmental Dealership (TED) Program has highlighted ways in which we can make changes to create a pathway for greater environmental sustainability.

We will continue to implement improvement initiatives to create a more sustainable workplace in the areas of energy and water use, waste and recycling, environmental purchasing, and environmental training and awareness.

We aim to reduce our energy and water use, purchase environmentally friendly credentialed products and increase employee and community environmental awareness.

In order to achieve and sustain these goals Maitland and Port Stephens Toyota will:

  • Commit to reduce our carbon footprint by monitoring energy and resource use and implement appropriate strategies to achieve greater energy efficiency.
  • Ensure waste product is kept to a minimum and all appropriate materials are recycled to reduce waste to landfill.
  • Conduct workplace training to ensure all employees are made aware of their personal responsibility to create a more sustainable workplace and environment.
  • Promote environmental thinking and awareness in the community through social participation and engagement.
  • Conduct annual audits to report on environmental performance.

Contributing to a Low Carbon Society

Toyota Australia will develop lower emissions vehicles and work with Governments to develop appropriate standards and measures regarding vehicle emissions and pollutants.

In 2011 a Carbon Working Group was established to understand and manage the impacts of the clean energy future legislation and develop a model to ensure the financial implications of the carbon prices are considered in strategic and operational planning.

Resource Usage

Maitland & Port Stephens Toyota and Toyota Australia will continue to focus on reducing waste and making the best use of resources. These include raw materials used in the vehicle manufacturing process, and water and paper used across the company. Wastes include both production and non production general waste, prescribed waste and packaging waste.

Committed to the Environment

Maitland & Port Stephens Toyota and Toyota Australia are committed to the highest standard of environmental management and governance.

Toyota has an environmental management system certified to the international standard ISO 14001. Environmental strategy is set by the Environmental Committee.

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Maitland & Port Stephens Toyota and Toyota Australia look for opportunities to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Toyota uses natural gas and electricity at its production site at Altona and at non production sites around Australia. The company monitors and reports on its energy use and greenhouse, continually looking for improvement opportunities.

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